The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 | The Real Salman Khan | EP 206 | 21st Nov 2021

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Episode 206: The Real Salman Khan
In this episode, Kapil Sharma welcomes Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Pragya Jaiswal and Mahima Makwana on the stage. Kapil jokingly greets Salman on his own show. Salman Khan then proceeds to crack jokes along with Kapil Sharma, who tells him that they are not wasting any of his money and it is Archana who is being a problem. The star also cracks jokes revolving around Archana who laughs heartily at them. Stay tuned to this night of stomach aching laughter and fun. To know more, watch the episode.

About The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 :
Kapil Sharma is back with a new 'Salah Center' (Consultancy Business) in a Mohollah with absurd characters. The wealthy milkman Bachcha Yadav (Kiku Sharda) with his wife Titli Yadav (Bharti Singh) and sister-in-law Bhoori (Sumona Singh) is the one who has rented out houses within the Mohollah and is Kapil Sharma's business partner. The neighbors in the Mohollah are also full of quirks and don't shy away from the antics. With celebrities gracing every episode, The Kapil Sharma Show promises fun-filled entertaining weekends.

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